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How to pass Smog Test

Every two years, California vehicle owners face having to submit their car to smog test. To prepare for the test, Smog Check Irvine recommends five things that can make the difference between passing and failing the test.

Step 1 – Change the Oil and Oil, Air, and Gas Filters
Dirty oil causes bad emissions to come through on the test. In addition to changing the oil, be sure to change the oil filter. Change the air filter for optimal results. If the fuel filter is over five years old, it also needs to be changed.

Step 2 – Check the Positive Crankcase Valve (PVC)
Give the PVC a shake. If it clicks, then it is working fine. If not, it needs to be changed.

Step 3 – Change the Spark Plugs
If the spark plugs appear dirty or worn, they probably need to be changed. When checking the spark plugs, don’t forget to check the wires as well. If they are looking worn, they might also need to be replaced.

Step 4 – Check for Leaks
Check all of the hoses in your engine compartment, especially vacuum lines. If there are any that show wear, replace them. Look for oil leaks. If there is oil on the engine, it means the vehicle is losing oil pressure and emissions are going to be off. Many times oil leaks result from failed gaskets, which must be replaced.

Check for exhaust leaks. To do this, simply start the vehicle and rev up the engine. If the muffler sounds unusually loud, then there is probably an exhaust leak that needs to be fixed.

Step 5 – Bring the Vehicle in Warm
One final thing you can do the day of the test is to drive the car fifteen minutes on the freeway, and then fifteen minutes on the city streets before bringing it in for the test.